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Anthony Jason El-Assad

Anthony Jason El-Assad

Registered Migration Agent- MARA 1806777

Registered Migration Agent
MARN 1806777
Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice
Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) with Honours

Anthony Jason El-Assad

Anthony Jason El-Assad is a highly accomplished and skilled professional who has made significant contributions as a Registered Migration Agent. With his MARN (Migration Agents Registration Number) 1806777, he is authorized and recognized by the Australian government to provide expert advice and assistance to individuals seeking to migrate to Australia.

Having completed his studies in Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice, Anthony possesses in-depth knowledge of the complex and ever-evolving immigration laws and regulations in Australia. This qualification equips him with the expertise to navigate the intricate processes involved in visa applications and ensure compliance with the legal requirements.

Besides his migration law specialization, Anthony also holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) with Honours, showcasing his diverse academic background and ability to comprehend complex technical matters. This blend of legal expertise and technical acumen gives him a unique edge in understanding the specific needs of clients from various professional backgrounds, such as engineers seeking skilled migration pathways.

Anthony's career has been instrumental in fostering the dreams of many individuals and families, as he has been associated with Pioneer Global Education and Migration Services. Working in this esteemed organization, he has been at the forefront of providing top-notch migration solutions, offering personalized advice, and assisting clients through the entire migration process.

Through his role as a Registered Migration Agent, Anthony Jason El-Assad has likely helped reunite families, brought skilled workers to contribute to the Australian economy, and supported students pursuing higher education in the country. His dedication, professionalism, and commitment to staying updated with the latest changes in migration laws have earned him the trust and gratitude of numerous clients.

In summary, Anthony Jason El-Assad's qualifications, experience, and work at Pioneer Global Education and Migration Services have positioned him as a respected and reliable figure in the migration industry. As a Registered Migration Agent, he continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the lives and futures of individuals and their loved ones by facilitating their migration to Australia.

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