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Temporary Activity Visa

Temporary Activity Visa (SUBCLASS 408)

The Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408) is a visa category offered by the Australian government that allows individuals to come to Australia for a temporary period to engage in specific activities. This visa is designed for a wide range of purposes, including work, research, cultural exchange, religious work, and more. It consists of several streams, each catering to different types of activities and circumstances. Here are some key streams under the Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408):



  1. Invited Participant Stream: This stream is for individuals who are invited by an organization in Australia to participate in a specific event, conference, or activity.
  2. Religious Worker Stream: This stream allows religious workers to come to Australia to engage in religious work, including pastoral activities and proselytizing.
  3. Special Program Stream: This stream is for participants in specific programs approved by the Australian government, such as the Seasonal Worker Program or the Pacific Labour Scheme.
  4. Entertainment Activities Stream: This stream is for individuals in the entertainment industry, such as performers, support staff, or film and television crew members, who are coming to Australia for a specific entertainment-related activity.
  5. Research Activities Stream: Researchers, academics, and scientists can use this stream to come to Australia for research-related activities.
  6. Exchange Stream: This stream allows individuals to participate in cultural exchange programs, gaining practical experience, and sharing cultural knowledge.
  7. Superyacht Crew Stream: Crew members of superyachts can use this stream to work in Australia while their vessel is in Australian waters.
  8. Sporting Activities Stream: This stream is for professional athletes, coaches, and other support staff coming to Australia for sporting events, training, or competition.
  9. Australian Government Endorsed Event Stream: Individuals participating in events or activities endorsed by the Australian government can use this stream.

Each stream has its own eligibility criteria, requirements, and documentation needed for the application. The Temporary Activity Visa is typically granted for the duration of the specific activity or event and may have limitations on the duration of stay.

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