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Master of Education


We are thrilled to introduce Hasanuddin Salsab, our business operations associate for Indonesia at Pioneer Global Education Migration Services. Hasanuddin brings a wealth of experience and a distinguished background in the field of education and training, and he is poised to make a remarkable impact on our company's vision and business growth in Indonesia.

A Legacy of Service and Dedication

Hasanuddin's career has been characterized by his unwavering commitment to excellence. With over two decades of service in the Defence Force, he has earned not only a Master of Education but also a reputation for discipline, punctuality, and a tireless work ethic. His military background has instilled in him the values of precision and dedication, whether within the confines of his home base or during mission deployments.

A Global Perspective

Hasanuddin's journey has taken him far and wide, including significant roles in UN Peacekeeping missions. He has participated in international seminars, joint exercises, and professional visits to countries within the Commonwealth, the United States, and ASEAN nations. This international exposure has enriched his understanding of diverse educational systems and migration processes.

Collaboration and Partnership

One of Hasanuddin's defining strengths lies in his ability to collaborate effectively with both neighbouring countries and educational institutions. He has worked closely with government officials and offices in his home country, forging valuable partnerships that have facilitated education and training initiatives.

With Hasanuddin Salsab at the helm of our operations in Indonesia, we are confident in his capacity to steer our company toward new horizons. His profound dedication to our mission, coupled with his extensive experience, makes him an invaluable asset in realizing our vision of becoming a leader in the education and migration sector in Indonesia.

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