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Living Cost calculation for Student Visa Application for Australia



  • Pramod K Rai

Living Cost calculation for Student Visa Application for Australia

Ensuring you have enough funds for your stay is crucial for a successful visa application. Without proper proof of financial capacity, your visa might be refused, even without further inquiry.

Living costs are a key factor in this assessment, with specific minimum amounts set for different individuals:

  • Students or guardians: AUD24,505
  • Partners joining you: AUD8,574
  • Each accompanying child: AUD3,670

Similarly, course fees are vital, especially for visa applications:

  • For courses lasting 12 months or less, the total fee is considered.
  • Any paid fees should be deducted, supported by evidence like receipts or Confirmation of Enrolment.

Let's clarify this with examples:

  • Suppose your course costs AUD60,000 for a 3-year duration:
    • To find the fee for 12 months, divide the total by 3 (AUD60,000 ÷ 3 = AUD20,000), and subtract any payments you've already made.
  • Alternatively, if your course fee is AUD18,000 for 10 months:
    • If you've paid AUD6,000 already, subtract that from the total (AUD18,000 - AUD6,000 = AUD12,000).
  • Lastly, if your course fee is AUD25,000 for 18 months:
    • Calculate the 12-month fee by dividing the total by 18, then multiplying by 12 ((AUD25,000 ÷ 18) x 12 = AUD16,667), and subtract any prior payments.

In addition to these expenses, travel costs should also be considered, varying based on your location during the application:

  • AUD2,500 for applicants from East or Southern Africa
  • AUD3,000 for applicants from West Africa
  • AUD2,000 for applicants from other locations outside Australia
  • AUD1,000 for applicants within Australia, with an extra AUD1,500 if returning to Africa.

Family members joining later must also demonstrate financial capability to cover their expenses, including schooling fees and living costs.

Proving genuine access to funds is crucial, requiring documentation such as evidence of relationships with fund providers, identity verification, and past financial support details. Clear information on loan terms and conditions, along with evidence of disbursement, strengthens your case.

Disclaimer: The information provided is for general guidance purposes only and should not be considered as legal or financial advice. Visa requirements may vary depending on individual circumstances and regulations. It is recommended to consult with relevant authorities or professionals for specific visa-related queries.

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